57 Wash Combi – Best performance technology for optimal cleaning.

Highest standards in every detail.

SofTecs® Pur: Gentle and safe for paintwork and surfaces.

Developed from our successful SofTecs material, SofTecs® Pur is especially gentle and safe for paintwork and surfaces. Thanks to a higher rotational speed and longer contact with the vehicle, SofTecs® Pur achieves even more effective cleaning with improved results.

MultiFlex: Perfect cleaning for hatchbacks.

Hatchback slopes, rear spoilers and wheel arches are some areas that conventional side washers struggle to reach. Our solution is MultiFlex: this multi-dimensional side washer adapts flexibly to the rear slope of the car and even provides thorough cleaning under the spoiler and around the wheel arches. The result: a more brilliant fin-ish for your customers and more turnover for you.

FlexStream: Chemical application, washing and drying in one.

FlexStream is a multi-function rotating roof jet that takes care of chemical application, high-pressure washing and drying. Thanks to 360° rotation, it achieves highly effective results.