Car Wash Brush Innovation: SofTecs

Highest standards in every detail.

Gleaming washing results are not achieved with the best technology alone. The
intelligent tuning of the system with the washing materials and washing chemicals is equally important. By using washing brushes and the chemicals from WashTec, we achieve the best results.

SofTecs® and SofTecs² – revolutionary washing materials


Gleaming paintwork immediately after the wash and all through a vehicle’s life:
SofTecs® and SofTecs² from WashTec make this possible. Both washing brushes wash vehicles exceptionally gently, without leaving the slightest of brush marks on the paintwork. SofTecs² is characterised by its more filigree and longer filaments – for even more efficient cleaning of cracks, gaps and edges.


SofTecs is a revolutionary wash material designed and engineered in Germany, and is used by the worlds leading vehicle dealers and manufacturers. Created from a special non-porous material, SofTecs is guaranteed to be the safest way to wash vehicles – even safer than hand washing! With the SofTecs® wash, the pre-wash is integrated into the washing programme. This enables you to increase your washing prices and generate higher sales and profit.


Fact #1:

Hand washing damages your car’s surface more than any other method Independent University studies carried out in Texas and Munich concluded that the most damaging method of vehicle washing is by hand using a bucket and sponge (the “traditional” way). The reason being, surface dirt from vehicles become lodged in the sponge, the action of hand washing, rubbing the dirt particles on the surface of the vehicle causes microscopic scratches which over time ‘dulls’ the paint surface reducing the gloss & shine.


Fact #2:

Washing with SofTecs is not only safe, but will actually enhance the shine!
SofTecs material is made from a revolutionary material which is not only the safest way to wash a vehicle, but it will actually enhance the gloss and shine, due to its soft fibre characteristics and spinning-buffing motion. SofTecs material is made from a soft chamois like, non-porous material which will not retain any type of harmful dirt particles, therefore allowing for a safe wash – GUARANTEED!


Often copied, never duplicated!